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Shower Conversions Savannah GA


"Simon and his crew are simply outstanding! He always returns emails and phone calls promptly, which we love. The crew showed up early to complete the floor. The job took exactly the amount of time Simon had estimated, and the end result looks amazing! During the initial walk through, Simon gave us advice on the install. In particular, he advised we should wait to select a back splash tile until the floor and counters were done. This was excellent advice and we appreciated his perspective. The crew was extremely professional, and Simon came at the end of the job to ensure everything was done to our satisfaction. I HIGHLY recommend ProTile." - Angie's list review

Conversion Features:

  • Complete customization to fit every taste
  • Wide range of design choices
  • Affordable investment that fits every budget
  • “Built on site” options available
  • Reliable installation that lasts
  • Installation options for the physically impaired

Stunning Shower Conversions | Savannah, GA

Converting a bathtub into a shower is a popular bathroom renovation option for many homeowners. The process is relatively easy and there are multiple benefits. At Pro Renovations Ltd Co., we can take care of all your shower conversions Savannah GA needs and in the surrounding areas requested by a wide range of homeowners due to the flexibility and customization available in this specific type of project. The process is straight-forward, quick, and easily customized to fit a variety of needs. For those considering your shower conversions Savannah GA needs, please reference the following guide to learn more about the simplicity and benefits of shower conversions.

Why Convert?

There are several reasons that homeowners consider converting their bathtub into a walk-in shower. Many people simply do not utilize their bathtub very often and would prefer the simplicity of a walk-in shower. For the elderly or physically impaired, a walk-in shower is much easier to navigate than a traditional tub. While a standard tub rail is fifteen inches high, a shower rail could be six inches or lower making it much easier to step into and out of. Another benefit of a shower conversion is the added shower floor space. The sides of a bathtub can take up much more space than the sides of a shower. After converting a tub into a shower, homeowners will have much more room to move around in their new walk-in shower. Also, many shower conversions are easier to clean and maintain than a traditional tub.

Instead of bending over a tub rail to scrub the area, homeowners have much easier access to the entire shower area while standing. In addition to the many benefits, shower conversions are a relatively simple renovation project. Shower conversions often do not require any changes to the existing plumbing because the new shower will be installed in the space previously occupied by the tub. The process begins by measuring the tub space and evaluating the various shower options. Homeowners can choose between installing a pre-fabricated shower surround or a tiled shower surround. Tiled showers are built on-site and can be customized to coordinate with the existing bathroom. Pre-fabricated shower surrounds arrive in several large pieces made of acrylic or fiberglass. Both of these options can be customized to fit the specific homeowner’s needs. When customizing a shower conversion, there are several options to consider. Homeowners can choose between a curbed or curbless shower pan.

We Always Have Your Well Being In Mind

The elderly or physically impaired often benefit from a curbless shower because this option provides a smooth transition from the bathroom floor to the shower floor. This option makes it easy to roll in a wheelchair. Curbed showers are more common and are simpler to install. They have a six inches or lower curb around the shower pan. In addition to selecting a curb option, homeowners can also choose to have a sliding or swinging glass shower door or even choose to use a shower curtain. At this stage, homeowners can also choose to incorporate shower seats or shelves into their design. With so may options for customization, it’s easy to choose the perfect shower design. After the shower design is selected, our expert renovation team will remove the existing tub and prep the area for the new shower.

Our technicians will likely need to repair areas around the walls and floor and build up portions of the floor, before installing the new shower. A good preparation and foundation is key to a lasting and qualitative installation. At Pro Renovations Ltd Co., we are proud to offer you quality and take care of all your shower conversions Savannah GA needs, and we can customize a new shower to fit your specific taste.

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