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"Simon and his crew are simply outstanding! He always returns emails and phone calls promptly, which we love. The crew showed up early to complete the floor. The job took exactly the amount of time Simon had estimated, and the end result looks amazing! During the initial walk through, Simon gave us advice on the install. In particular, he advised we should wait to select a back splash tile until the floor and counters were done. This was excellent advice and we appreciated his perspective. The crew was extremely professional, and Simon came at the end of the job to ensure everything was done to our satisfaction. I HIGHLY recommend ProTile." - Angie's list review

Drywall Features:

  • Expertise and quality that is second to none
  • Highly trained and experienced technicians
  • Increased home value and appeal
  • Match any existing drywall texture and perform any scale
  • Durable and reliable work that is made to last

Strong Drywall | Savannah, GA

Did a child mistakenly swing a baseball bat into a wall in your house? Did a dart game stray too far from the dart board? Did a dog chew or scratch some drywall in your home? Have you gutted your entire house and need someone to install all new drywall? Protile Ltd. can help with these drywall situations, and many more at any scale in between.

Dedicated and Experienced Technicians

Hanging drywall is a labor-intensive process that requires coordination and forethought among the team of technicians. The spacing and installation method for drywall greatly affects how drywall looks over time. Applying joint compound to drywall (often called “mudwork”) is an art. The consistency of the product and the speed and angle at which it’s applied are integral to how the final product looks. Ensuring consistent spacing during drywall installation allows for the small amounts of expansion and contraction structure movements that are common with weather changes. If drywall is spaced too closely, the panels can buckle.

Panels spaced too far apart can develop cracks in the joint compound. Drywall panel seams should also be staggered to help protect against crack development. Drywall installers should use as many full sheets as possible because the edges of the panels are tapered to allow for joint compound to be added while not creating a bulge between the drywall panels. Your Protile Ltd. expert technicians are adept at working with and applying joint compound seamlessly. The application of mudwork is tricky and the sanding of it is messy, but Protile Ltd. has the tools and expertise to quickly and cleanly repair, replace, or install drywall for your project.

Done Right the First Time

Using the correct screws is also very important when installing drywall. If an installer uses nails instead of screws, the nail heads can back out, which is not only unsightly, but can be dangerous on a ceiling. Drywall installed in wet areas should use rust-proof screws. Your Protile Ltd. expert technicians have the experience to quickly and correctly install drywall so you can move to the next phase of your project, or get your house back to the way it should be. At Protile Ltd., we can match any existing drywall texture and perform any scale of your drywall Savannah GA needs, repairs or replacement. We also offer painting services, so your new drywall can be primed and painted to suit the rest of your home.

We Work With Your Insurance Company

If you have insurance claims related to your drywall Savannah GA project, Protile Ltd. can work directly with your insurance company to expedite the repair process. If you’re getting your house ready to sell, unsightly drywall damage could deter a potential buyer from buying your home. If the drywall in your house is damaged, a potential buyer might think that there are larger issues or overdue maintenance that they can’t see. Having your drywall Savannah GA job in perfect condition can show potential buyers that you’ve maintained your house well and that you’ve paid appropriate attention to all of the details. People looking to buy real estate are often looking for a fresh start, and a drywall in perfect condition can help them envision their belongings in your house without being distracted. Protile Ltd. uses only technicians that are licensed and insured, so you can be sure that your drywall project is handled professionally and with high standards of quality. Whether you need minor repairs or a whole house of new drywall, we want to perfect your drywall so that you can make each room your own.

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