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Architectural & Design Consultancy Savannah GA


"Simon and his crew are simply outstanding! He always returns emails and phone calls promptly, which we love. The crew showed up early to complete the floor. The job took exactly the amount of time Simon had estimated, and the end result looks amazing! During the initial walk through, Simon gave us advice on the install. In particular, he advised we should wait to select a back splash tile until the floor and counters were done. This was excellent advice and we appreciated his perspective. The crew was extremely professional, and Simon came at the end of the job to ensure everything was done to our satisfaction. I HIGHLY recommend ProTile." - Angie's list review

Design Features:

  • In house design team to bring you direct ideas
  • One on one meetings with our team that will take you through each process
  • Confidence in your decision! Specialized designers with years experience in many home design types
  • Several plans brought to you! our designers put together a proposal of ideas for you to chose your liking!

Residential Design Services


Pro Renovations Ltd Co. can bring your dream home to life in so many different approachable ways. We often begin some home remodels with a design consultancy. In this case we go through all of the options you have with the room you have selected to remodel. From picking paint colors, cabinetry designs, room accents and more to just simply proposing a new floor plan to bring your home that new unique look. We can work together to get your ideas to come to life with some plans and drawings to show you what your home can look like. The smallest changes can sometimes make the biggest difference!


Homeowners that are looking for deeper changes will seek home remodeling experts with proven portfolios that demonstrate they have expertise to handle the complexities of planning for new and exciting looks in your home or commercial building. Any type of remodeling requires an abundant amount of experience and an attentive approach at getting what you need done efficiently and professionally. That’s where having your own in house team to bring these ideas to life is what makes Pro Renovations the right choice for you, it enables us to produce plan’s, proposals & estimates in an efficient manner.


It also allows us to work hand in hand with our project managers and keep your project at a constant update, and work together to get things where you want them to be!Our goal is to understand your project needs, scope and budget and to provide you with the most cutting edge information in the utmost professional way. Once we have determined your goals for your project and gotten to a starting point that is where we will begin our designing process. From there we will be provide you with proposals as to what your potential home and/or building could look like in different lay outs that have been discussed. You will be given options to chose from and different design layouts to chose one that suits the needs of your space.


Whether you need help creating a functional space plan, rearranging existing pieces, designing the inside of a new home, or simply sourcing amazing furniture and decor, seeking the help of a professional Interior designer or decorators is a must. In the long run, the assistance you will gain from an Interior Designer will be much worth the time and effort spent to make your home or building look beautiful and really bring your plans to life. Once we have addressed your goals, budget, scope and plan we will then begin to lay the ground work in order. Our goal here is to get the project underway and completed in a timely and professional manner.


We strive on being a professional company and want your whole experience whether you chose the option to hire our Interior Designer or jump straight into remodeling your project, to be entirely positive and exciting!! Our homeowners enjoy talking with our designers and exchanging ideas back and forth to get the perfect plan for their style that will suit the entirety of their space. Making sure that we are on the same page and no doubts or questions in mind we begin to remodel the interior of the home as soon as scheduling becomes available. Deciding to remodel your home is a big decision, and often finding the right Company to help you in process can be even harder. That’s where Pro Renovations Ltd Co. exceeds in portfolio pictures of completed projects that have been successful in using our Interior Design Team. We provide you with some of our most recent work on our website in order to prove we are the best Team for your project.